Popular Gospel

There is a popular Gospel going around now,actually it has been on for quite sometime now, sweet swelling words that lead men to error…..

This Gospel,…

Teaches you that God wants you to be rich..

Tells us that when we then become rich, it should radiate on our outside as a TESTIMONY OF JESUS…..

The word of God is too wide ranged, how bout we pick the ones we like that really go well with what we want…….

Teaches us to get rich so we pull others to CHRIST……. 

Tells us that being PROSPEROUS makes the devil mad…

Says that being poor or sad means God has left the building…

Tells us, DRESS EXTRAVAGANTLY, you are the child of a king…

Pride is nothing, but expressing who you really are…..

You are who you’re with., so move with the best and Shawn the rest…..

Once you are saved you’re always saved… I.e you’ll go to heaven no matter what….

Holiness is over rated GOD UNDERSTANDS ….

Most of the situations, Commandments and parables in the Bible don’t apply to us, it was for those people in those times,.. I. E the WORD OF GOD IS OUT DATED……

Some of these are true, some are partially true while others are what we call SWEET SWELLING WORDS THAT LEAD MEN TO ERROR….

Let’s try these fallacies With THE WORD OF GOD….      Check out the next post. 

NO Holiness NO Heaven