Workers of INIQUITY


Oh, I hear from God, Prophesy, I heal the Sick , I speak in Tongues, I tithe and Sow.. And my ministry Has fruit, WHY THEN WILL I BE CALLED A WORKER OF INIQUITY?.. “. • Well let’s see..
Remember Moses, talked to God face to face, He even corrected God when God wanted to destroy the Israelites…
Moses did not enter the PROMISE LAND,
When it was time to collect the bodies of the Saints, Satan did not want to release Moses body..Jude 9
…Anger was found in Him…
Jesus Said in John 14:30b .. For the prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me…
If Satan finds his seed in you, he will take you..
Lying, stealing, cheating,.. Must be far from you if you want the Kingdom.
Do all that is written in the Word ..
Holiness is complete oBedience to GOD..but God and His word are inseperable… The Spirit does not speak outside the word..
Don’t say you r waiting for the Spirit to tell you..SeaRCH the SCRIPTURES..
God is Love , God is Merciful, BUT God honours His word above His name..
The word of God shall Judge us on the last day..
Rev 22:7 , Behold I coMe quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.
Rev 20:12.. Books where open,and the dead were judged out of those things which were writtenn in the books..”
Heb 10 talks about the pple in the old testament who were judged by the law of moses(Heb 10:28)
Heb10:29 … Of how much sorer punishment,suppose ye shall he be thought worthy…
Goes on to say God does not have pleasure in they that draw back..
They were nor written to make the Bible full..
God’s word will judge us..
Jesus was the First Fruit of us who believed, He lived a sinless life and God was pleased.. Live a Sinless life (if you fall there is mercy ,only when you are alive)
Please Hell is not for us
God help us

NO Holiness NO Heaven