Ay Ringing


Vanessa has decided to serve the Lord, but the spirit in her always push her to commit sin always and it always hindered her from serving God in holiness. At times it will looks as if she was going to die, if she does not have sex or masturbate, many time she has even blaspheme and said God has attacked her with temptation that is beyond her capacity, then she will quickly go into a dark place and begin to masturbate, after then she will begin to cry, oh Lord not again, was she blind when she so much desire to do it, but whenever she finished, her eyes will open to see what she has done, and start asking for mercy again, (Let’s stop here) (2Samuel: 13:1-29)

In the Old testament, God said in (Deu30:19) that I have set before you life and death choose life so that you can live, And everyone have the chance to serve God or Baal and Ashtoreth, in time of the early church, The people can decide to follow Jesus and be feed up by lion, or follow the teaching of the Pharisee and the Scribe. Also in the early time, people can chose to serve Jesus or still worship the gods of their land, but in all these, anyone who decide to serve God were very strong, determine and powerful for Christ work with them hand in hand, but the Christianity of this generation are always weak, Tired and compromising, such that hardly will you see a standing and strong Christian in this generation.

For Christianity became once upon a time since the beginning of 1980’s. in this 21century it has became more worse such that anyone who even claim they are serving the Lord are always with evil and unclean spirit, many pastors wife are the queen in the marine kingdom, many deliverance ministers are also possessed with evil spirit, that is why they have to shout and shout for many days before they can deliver ordinary witch who got possessed within a month, in the early church, agent of darkness will have to sign his death warrant before going to attack in the church, he/she may die in the process or may not come back alive, because the name of Jesus is very powerful in their mouth of every believers, but compare to this generation, queen of the coast has taken over the alter, and the wolves are even more than the sheeps, even among the little sheep, only 5% are still standing but the rest are yet to be deliver from the power of darkness. No satanic agent can dare try to board the same bus with a child of God among the early Christians, because he will be burnt by the invisible fire, but today, satanic agent will even sit beside a child of God and be initiating him/her

Example, how can a believer who even claim to be a prayer warrior have sexual intercourse in dream? How can a woman who believe he can pray very well, but as at 45years old, she is still praying to God to give her a husband, was that prayer point given to him by God or by satan?

Why is it that this generation Christian will fast and pray and pray but yet there will be no answer to their prayers, why is it that the Christianity’s in this generation are much more than the early church but the little one were more stronger and powerful than them?
Why is it that after someone has gone for 40days fasting and prayer yet become as cold as church in Sardis after a week? Why is it that satan keep on tormenting Christians of this generation? Why is it that wiches and witchdoctors are not afraid of these present generation Christian, why is it that this generation of Christian will listen to the testimony of heaven and hell and they will cry and cry for mercy, but after a week later, they will be the one to call it a lie?

Why is it that someone like Vanessa will pray and pray and yet she will not be deliver from masturbation, Anger, Pride, Dirty thinking, etc. why is deliverance so much difficult in our present generation? why is it that the deliverance minister will need to shout and SHOUT for many hours or days before they can heal ordinary headache not to talk of casting out demons

It seems Act5:14 said, Peter’s Shadow alone cast out evil spirit and heal many sicks, I taught Jesus said, we will do even more greater work than what he has done, I knew the message of Apostle Paul alone got many souls converted, and Peter alone won 3000 in a day? I thought Philips was ruptured in the present of the Ethiopian man after baptizing him, even the sons of sceva who are unbelievers cast out devils in the name of Jesus who Paul spoke about, even if they didn’t succeed, but at least the demon was provoke,

So why is it not same today? Why is it difficult for a preacher to convert one soul in a day? Why the name of Jesus becomes weak in mouth of many believers? Such that even when a deliverance minister want to deliver a boy who got possessed just 3month, it will take them 3weeks to get him deliver, and at times the deliverance may even take a year, if they use a year to deliver someone with 3month old evil spirit, then how many years will it takes to deliver someone who is 60years old in witchcraft?

I taught Paul only gave a commandment to a damsel possessed with a spirit of divination, within an hour, why will that takes many days to deliver in our present generation? Why are we always referring to Babalola of 1930 and not Pastor A or B of 2015? Why things are like that is not happening in our generation? Why are many Christian suffering from sins they don’t want to commit? Why are Christian of today will go for 40days fasting and prayer, and on the 41days, demon will come and flog them again? Even during their fasting, they will still have sexual intercourse in dream,

Satan has gone into the ministry of initiation and he is getting countless people initiated daily, both the young, the old, the leaders, he is getting them day by day. in this present generation, what the kingdom of darkness are now doing to Christian is to weaken them trough what they eat, drink, and what ey use on their body, he has ensure that that his agents get as many as possible initiated with unclean spirit, that no matter how they try to serve the Lord, they will still end up in hell because there is no deliverance after death, he purposely doing this to make sure no one make it to heaven and that no one will be able to meet up with the rapture,

Can you compare your present Christianity life to that of the day you first met Christ? Can’t you see you no longer fast the way you use to do? Can’t you see Jesus no longer visit you like before? Can’t you see you no longer see the vision of heaven again? Can’t you see you pray for one hour again? Can’t you see you no longer speak in tongue; can’t you see you now get angry compare to the day you first gave your life to Christ? Can’t you see you no longer find interest in studying the bible like before? Can’t you see you now spend longer time on internet than bible?
You think it’s natural ?

Many Children of God do not know there is fire on the mountain, that the level the kingdom of darkness are now operating cannot be compared to the way they have operated during the early churches, they never rest, neither do they sleep. many Christians most especially women have so much focused on dressing alone, satan is now losing the battle in the areas of dressing, because Jesus himself has exposed the secret behind it, and how it has led many to hell, and many Christian has now shift from dressing,

But satan has changed his plans, now move into the ministry of initiation, this is the reasons why you need to watch and pray , meaning that you must look beyond the physical, there are many evil going on around you that can stop you from heaven if not dealt with, satan never rest, so why must you rest? Even if the Lord has promise Gideon he’s going to deliver the children of Midianites into his hand, that doesn’t mean he should sleeps in the battle field, but we Christian has slept too long, our Israel wish to serve the Lord, but Sambalat and Tobiah is not happy about that, Grid up your weapon with one hand and continue working with the second hand, else you will fall in this battle field (Neh4:17) satan has gotten many Christians un aware, most especially men of God, and now he’s after you

satan has a mandate to get many men of God to work for him as much as possible, because presently, he has started sending more agents into the world purposely to initiate children of God, to stop them from rapture, and prepare them for antichrist. satan need more false prophet, so as a result of this, more initiation is going on everyday and they are meeting up with their target daily

Their major targets are standing men of God who are highly respected in the Christendom, and satan has sent his agents to their churches Batch by Batch, some of the people they have sent out are pastors wife, children, ministers wife whereby they sent them to work as a workers in the church to enter into the system of the church, until they initiate even the pastor himself, so you servant of God need to be warned, there is an enemy crowing around you, you can’t trust anyone at this time, not even your wife, because these generation is the most wicked and evil generation ever lived on earth, you need to be very watchful and vigilant, if you are not, they may get you down.

As I’m talking to you right now, they have gotten countless servant of God down already, and when they lay hands on you, you’re in trouble. they have succeeded over some trough their wives, while some were initiated direct trough members of the church, even if your wife is not an agent of darkness, but she’s not as deep in Christ as you are, then your chances of backsliding is very high, because they might get her trough her weaknesses and she will become a pointing arrow to get you down.

Many have fell into this traps, but they don’t know, if you are a servant of God that cannot pray, you may likely fall into this prey. And even if you pray and fail to live a holy life, you can’t escape these traps either. But quite unfortunate many servant of God does not believe in this initiation.

Many churches which we know as standard churches of holiness preaching has being pulled down, not that they don’t love God again, but the spirit to do his will has being quenched in them, that is the reason why you will hardly see churches like Deeper-life to go out again like before in witnessing about Christ.

They are everywhere, don’t think because your own church can pray they can’t get you, I heard of a man who was praying fire fire prayer, perhaps that was how they pray in his church, as he was praying, an image came out of the wall and slapped him, and left a mark on his chicks, why must a demon slap someone who is praying? Because he is a slave to sin, so even if you go to a church that can pray more than Mountain of Fire or CAC, if you are not living a holy life, you are endangering yourself, and you can not only depend on holiness messages alone without prayer, you have to balance the two, before you can live a holy life.

I heard of a Preacher, who was attack by evil spirit during morning cry, was he not working for God? Before you go out to win souls for Christ, you must first win the battle on your kneel, many born-again has being under the influence and power of darkness, ignorantly

Have you not observed this before? That when you try to form a group you will be praying together, the group doesn’t last 2 months before it collapse? Or your church may fix a time for evangelism, and after two or three weeks, it will collapse and stop. Why? They must have a member in any group you formed. Even if it’s not more than 3, one must be an agent, or be initiated.
There are more wolves in the church than the sheep, and they are even more actives than the sheep and you can never suspect them.

They see you clearly, they know those who are living holy life and who are not, you don’t need to tell anyone you are born-again before they know, many of you who has read the write up on “ I SIT A QUEEN 1 & 2” and DOLAPO will understand their method clearly. They love to be among the ushering unit, interpreter, children leader, even cleaning of chairs, they are very zealous during Convention, cooking and any other kitchen works, they look good and nice but they are evil, satan and his agents has no good iota for anyone, this is the reason why children of God must not toy with sin, the more you toy with sin, the more they extinguished your fire, and once your fire is extinguished successfully, then they will have the chance of putting evil spirit in you.

Many Christian who we see, today, even among the Leader of Church, now fly in dream. Eat in dream, swim in dream, walking in a market place, play with snakes in dream, and dancing among unclean people in dream etc

Many men of God has become weak and tired, they wish to make a U turn but as they try to rise again, they keep falling, they don’t know why and how they can go back to do what they have done before, many are only holding on to their old time principles and doctrines, but the Holyspirit that energized it is no longer there. (Rev3:2)

Remember, When apostle Paul, Stephen, Peter etc were Martyred, yet they still make it to heaven, but if a man of God who have unclean spirit appear at gate of heaven, will he enter? Is there deliverance after death? Will God say, welcome home my servant, you unclean spirit come out of him, my servant come in, is it possible? And I’m very sure you can’t meet up with rapture if you don’t have genuine holy-spirit

They said you have Holy Spirit, you are not sure. Okay you have evil spirit you are not still sure. And there is no how you can stand in-between, you must have one out of it, and you cant have the two at once



you need to know that if your name glorify satan, then you are satan’s property, because it shows you still agree with him, that’s why you glorify him trough your name, 2Chro7: 14 If my people, which are CALLED BY MY NAME, not by devils name, so you can’t serve God and be claiming loyalty to satan trough your name, two can’t walk together except they agree, satan only demand 1% and if you give God 99.9% and just the 0.1% is given to satan, you are a candidate of hell, it pains me, because many men of God does not know this. And trough your name, the kingdom of darkness can initiate you


Be careful with friend who always desire to give you gift and to share his/her foods or their items with you.
Also Pastors, Be careful with things you collects as gift, because there are many people in your church who are there to extinguish your fire, (If you are a genuine man of God) they can come with gifts like foods, cloths, envelops and many other things, it is not every gift you pray on, there are some gift you must reject, but how can you do that without discerning spirit, wont you collect blood money? Without discerning spirit, wont you collect gift from prostitutes?

Wont you collect gifts from Criminals? they will give you gifts in name of I want to receive the blessing of a prophet by giving him a cup of water, many of this gift are to extinguished your spiritual life little by little, because they can’t give you evil spirit except they first extinguished your spiritual life, after they have succeeded in extinguishing your fervent spirit, then they put another spirit in you just to take heaven from you, or to work for them

Satan need many men of God in this generation because gradually we are moving towards the age of Antichrist, and the Antichrist have to operate with clan of false prophet, for without false prophet there cannot be Antichrist, and they are initiating more pastors everyday when they get the pastor, it will be very easy to get the member too
It may be hard to believe but more than 70% of the pastors you see today has being possessed already, only when God open your eyes that you can see all this things. You need to be very careful with things you received as gifts


Many people got initiated trough what they bought in the market. I want you to know that not every things sold in the market are good for Christians, many people spiritual life were destroyed as a result of what they buy in the market. You can’t buy everything sold in the market, this is an age of darkness, and evil is the talk of the day, yes, Paul said buy every meat sold in the market, but not every meat is good for your soul bible warned you to watch, Discern and pray always? What are you discerning? Isn’t not the thing of the spirit? Many foods sold in the market are sold by demons in the flesh. This is why you have to bind and destroy ever demons behind the things you are buying in the market.

Many people sell human flesh in the market in as beef, many sell blood as palm oil. Abomination in name of saddens,
At times a product will enter the market and circulate the whole market, that’s why you must be careful with all things you buy in the market even ordinary bottle water. A servant of God once said that satan has sent many demons to set up more eateries and also to manufactured juice, I was surprised to see later in 2014 that different types of juice has now filled the market, and they get children initiated more.

I want you first to know that not every people you see in the markets are human, there are countless of demons among them. One day a friend of mine had an accident and was at the state of comma, she said, what she saw was very scary, seeing many kinds of demons, seeing many human being walking with head, this is exactly what is happening in the spirit realm and only with your spiritual eyes that you can see these things.

Many buyers who go to the market are only going there to possess the items, so that when you buy any of the goods, you will be initiated. It doesn’t necessary they buy the goods, they may just come to a place may be to price shoes, cloths pepper, vegetable, etc, all they need to do is to ask.

Good morning madam, how much is this cloth, they will touch it, that’s all, even if they didn’t buy it, they have already accomplished their task, this is the reasons why you marketers must pray on things you sell, else you will be expanding the kingdom of darkness trough your markets. But note that, there are some items you can buy in the markets that will automatically lead you to hell, even you pray on it or not, you will still be initiated because it’s already satan’s properties, a lady who go to market to buy indecent cloths, you belong to satan automatically, but I’m referring to things that are normal for Christians to consumed.

You must allow the Holy Ghost to lead you to the right sellers, there are countless of shops in Nigeria that you will enter to buy things but you will not buy the items with money, but with your glory, and you won’t know. There are some shops whereby you will enter and see a mirror in the shop, these mirrors are to access you if your glory can be use or not. Some people will even stand in front of the mirror to dress themselves very well, you need to be watchful, and pray before entering any shop.

There are some drugs most especially some herbs, that when you take it, your salvation will lost, be careful with the kind of drugs you take, call upon the Lord and never depends on the power of drugs for your healing, most especially, herbs, those of you using herbal medicine…..! Turn from these things, most drugs were manufactured from the sea, most especially these networking drugs business.

Many people who studied Science Lab, Medicine, chemical engineering, Chemistry, pharmacy, etc. were you not taught ascorbic acid? That it was manufactured from oranges? Why is there no University in the whole world that can teach you how to produce ascorbic acid? Why does they only based on theory?

How much is orange in the market that they can’t practice it? If they don’t produce these things here on earth, then where does the one used in producing drugs comes from? You don’t just have to believe everything you see as right, there are so much covenant attached to some drugs you takes that when you take them you will lost your salvation.

Abstain from forever living product. Can’t you yourself sit and think very well, why a lot of people have makes a lot of money selling these drugs, why will satan enriched it so much? Anything that will not destroy your soul will never be enriched.

Also, these are some items that are not manufactured here on earth but under the sea, one day a lady send me a message and told me she was having a bad dreams, that as if she’s seeing herself among unclean people. I just asked her if anyone gives her a gift of recent, she said, a member of her church (she’s a pastor) gave her a wrapper. I told her the gift is what was used to initiate her.

I don’t know if she believe me or not, but the following week she sent me a message that she found herself beside the sea, and as if a whale came out of the sea, and people started packing out different kinds of cloths and wrapper, God purposely show her this vision to confirm what I was telling her is true. She’s a Christian and even a servant of God, but they want to take heaven from her trough initiation, she taught because her members dress like born-again, not knowing they are wolves.

Also one of my sisters here on face-book, I told her to be very careful with things she consumed or buy in market, that many of them are manufactured from the deep sea, but seems she doesn’t even believe there is a world existing in the sea, the following week the Lord took her there to confirm what I told her, such that she was shocked of what she saw, I told her the Lord is still coming back to take her again because many thing will still be shown to her, she was surprised when it came to pass, and the Lord showed her many tailors, and many kinds of dummy, how they sew the cloth and test it looks on the dummy.

Many places and Lab where Perfumed were being manufactured, I also heard of a Ghanaian Man whom Jesus took to the sea to exposed some things to him, how cream were being manufactured from dead human, according to him, they will squeeze their victims and drained out both the oilish part of his/her body and also drain out his blood, then add some chemical and some perfume to it, then package it, that is the things you use in creaming your body. I’m not saying every cream is bad o, but you need to be prayerful and watchful, because these are the things that kill you spiritually.

I’ve also heard of Emmanuel Eni where he said, many can fish were being manufactured from the deep sea, (No wonder Jesus said, there will be no more Sea) if you are not prayerful, you will fall a prey. Also many born-again Christian cloths, how they were being manufactured, from these place, The Lord even show him different kinds of being half human and half fish, The Lord show this Ghanaian man how they scrub some oils from the bottom of the queen of the coast and turned it into a cream, so that women will be using it to enlarge their buttocks, and men will lust after them, and he said he saw a list full of many names in hand of queen of coast, these are names of those who has used her items. why are you not satisfy with what God has given you?

Changing your skin, hair, eye contact etc, he said there are books that contains different kind of names, of those who are already going to hell for using their products, you must be watchful and prayerful, not only holiness preaching you need in this generation, but praying and watchfulness, this is why I’ve being trying my best with the help of God, to touch every angles need to be touch before rapture comes
Many cloths you see in market, with female images, these images do not exist here on earth. They are not even stars at all.

Ok for Example can you ask yourself this question, the woman image place on Lux soap, what is her name? Where does she lives? Is she really a model? Is she a star? Why didn’t they use the same woman for their advert? Because she doesn’t exist on the surface of the earth at all, there are many beautiful pictures you see on Perfume, Soaps, Creams, and dresses, but the people does not exist on surface of the earth, satan is seriously working on human because he has vow never to allow anyone to make it to heaven

I heard of a Pastor who bought an Okrika cloth, and he almost had intercourse with his daughter, also many women will bought ordinary pant, and something else will be moving in their private part, and cause them to start having intercourse in dream with unknown men or their ex-boyfriend.

Many people now dreams of seeing themselves in the market place, they don’t even know it’s a form of initiation, you found yourself among unclean people with same attires and cloths, you found yourself among unclean people eating and dancing with them, whenever you see something chasing you in the dream, when you start running, suddenly you see yourself flying, and you say yes I escape. My dear no you didn’t escape, you have being initiated, and you need to destroy that covenant else it will destroy you at the entrance of heaven


Many people do not understand what satan is doing with entertainment, many people are in hell today because of entertainment and many will still go there because of entertainment. Those of you who join your country Idol, e.g America Idol, Nigeria Idol, only by the grace of God you will escape hell, and those of you joining Beauty Pageant, Miss this and Miss that, you are under the influence of semiramis the queen of heaven, and you need serious deliverance before you can make it to heaven.

There are many souls already caged in the deep sea because their souls has being sold to the devil, I’ve heard from some America musician themselves who has really sold their soul to the devil, do you think they only sell it to become stars? Do you think the things they perform on stages are just mere dancing? Verily I tell you the fact, anyone who desire their songs too will end up where they will end up. Because the spirit behind that music will influenced you, Didn’t the book of Roman1:32 say the Judgment of God is coming upon these people AND THOSE WHO HAS PLEASURE IN THEM. The same judgment await you,

Also many movies are meant for initiation, if you have watch Merlin, Lord of the Ring, Dracula, The Exosist, Harry Potter, Drag me to Hell, Poltergeist, Phantasm, Ghost, Hellraiser, The House Of The Devil” The Devil’s Backbone” The Texas Chaim, You are Next, The Fly, The Ring, Annabelle, Scream, A Nightmare on Elm street, The Ghost, Evil dead, Night of the Living Dead, Grudge etc, you need to get yourself delivered quickly

You can see all the movies I myself have listed out? To let you know that I’m not trying to restrict you from movies, I watch movies a lot, and I don’t watch any other movies than horror movies, pornography and cartoons. (I’m coming to that) those movies full of magic’s and spells were being used; you will think they are casting down spell in the movies for acting? No, the spells are for the people watching the movies.

Those of you who has watched Merlin, Mortal combat,or Harry porters you will find out that a spirit within you will desire to perform magic like Merlin, that’s all satan need from you. I feel pains for those watching wrestling, also Many people who play games, you don’t know what you are doing to your souls, I myself started from Mario, to Sega, to Nitendo, to Ps1 and Ps2 to computer games etc, these things has a serious negative impact on your spirit Man.

I am talking to you today because I receive Mercy from God, many will not see the kinds of opportunity I have received, Shakira songs, Beyonce songs, Lady Gaga, 50Cents, most especially Cellin-dion A readymade witch, I pity those of you who desire Michael Jackson music most especially “thriller”, the more you play their music here on earth, the more their torments increased in hell, and the more you are drawing closer to hell yourself, many of these foreign musicians were ready made demons, sent to destroy your souls, also some Nigeria Musicians songs are meant to initiate you.

Those of you who sings Doro, don’t you know it’s a name of demon? I won’t say more than that, also many Christian music were only sang to abused and Curse the name of God Ezekiel 22:26 “I am profaned among them” and Lev22:32 says Do not profane my holy name; these are the things many so call Christian music are doing,


Parent, do you know your children secretly watch pornography whenever you are not around and they have many of it in their phones, most of the actors were not human being but demons in the flesh? Many things you don’t know about sex, your children will lecture you, they have become wild as if there is a strange spirit living in them, the more they watch these satanic movies in your house, the more demons will take over your house, born-again or no born-again and you will be weak to do the things of God

Also Children cartoon, O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? you are too blind to find out that in this generation, may be 4-5% kids that will love to serve God, satan no longer wait for children to grow again before he initiate them, I heard of a man who confess that he has being going to the meeting of darkness since 6months old, that he was initiated into the marine. Today we heard of children of 6years old, in hell because of witchcraft, what does a child of 6 knows about witch craft? If you don’t have Jesus as your Lord and savior, and you just try the children of today, you will blame yourself; many of them are seriously possessed

Look at the cartoon called Shrek, I myself love cartoon so much more than some kids, I have uncountable of it before God exposed many hidden secret about this things.

Let’s defined it, according to Wikipedia, Shrek is an Ogre, and an Ogre is a being usually depicted as a large hideous mankind monster that eat human beings, yes you will say it’s just cartoon, look at that song princess Fiona sang before the bird busted, many kids can hum that song, and that is a demonic sound from the kingdom of darkness, what are we saying here? The beauty and the beast, lion king, monster university (these are demons in the spirit that manifest inform of cartoons) Ben10 (Demon possessing children),little mermaid (spirit that dwell in the deep sea, e.g. queen of the coast, queen of india ocean) etc.

Many parent got their own children possessed as a result of these cartoons, and games
every animation cartoon you see today represent a personality in the spirit realm, Beauty and the beast is nothing but satan , there are countless things that animated cartoons do in life of your children, also buying of Idols for kids, many of these children play with this idol in dream, because it comes alive in the dream and they play together, there are many demonic spirit in this Idol, Chukky is not just a movie, but it’s reality, (1John 5:21) Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

What satan need is just to plant a seed (Mat13:25) only try to initiate just one person in your family for that alone is enough to initiate the rest of the members of the family. That is why if you suspect that one of your child is behaving in a strange way, leave everything you are doing and face that child, or else it will only take 3years for the child to initiate the whole family, if he/she will not even donate you


This is the place where initiation is very rampart now, those churches that only involve in anniversary all the time, women anniversary, Gods glory Anniversary, Stars anniversary, Children Anniversary, Quarterly, Harvest anniversary, Music’s anniversary, Choirs Anniversary etc Churches like CAC, Baptist, Methodist, etc are more involve in these, listen and listen, if it’s a church that doesn’t pray very hard, you will not only eat human being and drink human flesh, but you will also be a king or queen in the kingdom of darkness trough the foods you ate in the church.

Not everyone you must trust, there are people in churches with different motives, and also trough gifts shared in the church, the cloth sold in church, caps sold in church. Yes I know they are sold in the church, but do you know who contributed to it? Do you know who brought the money for it? what make you think because your pastor is performing miracle and praying and healing, what makes you think he’s a servant of God, buy anointing oil, buy water, buy shoes buy cloth in church, I know you may call this a lies, but when you die, you will know that what I’m telling you is true. Will the cloth you put on shows your salvation?

Why can’t you all use a common sense, pastor tell you, you must pray in the name of my God, do you know his god? Have you seen where him and Jesus communicating before? Many cloths they sell in churches are to registered your soul, why don’t you just go to church and listen to the word of God and obey it, I don’t need to put on the logo of my church before I preach the gospel, it’s not the Apron I put on that will qualified me for heaven, ever since I’ve being preaching here on face book, have I ever posted the logo of my church?

That I’m a member of this and this church? I hardly tell people my church because I was not sent by my church to preach the gospel but it’s necessary for me to preach it, this is why I don’t even tell people my church even after preaching on street and buses, all I tell you is living holy and turn from your sin. Why don’t you tell God to review the things behind your not putting on shoes whenever you put on your sultana? Why don’t you ask God to show you the secretes behind the cap and cloths your church compulsory you to put on every day? Does that determine your salvation or will that take you to heaven? Why don’t you find out why you must drink the water preserve by your pastor? I heard of a man who something begins to walk in his body after the laying of hand by his pastor, do you know if God is with him or not?

Also Among the members, like I’ve said, Many agents of darkness are already in the church, and they are working very hard on every members, they invoke different kind of spells on the chairs, so as to weaken you spiritually, they invoke their spirit in church while sweeping it, they attacks the pastors with many weapons, just to make sure no one is on fire for God, among the chorister, they don’t even need to give you any gift if you are a weak Christian, all they do is to sit by your side and begin to work on you spiritually, some, all they need to do is to look at you eye to eye, all some do is to spit on you like a mistake, some will make sure you breath in their breath, while talking to you, there are many Chorister their voice is wrapped with evil, this is the reason why you will hardly see some churches singing praises, they have seeing beyond physical, they only uses Hymns, which is better, in fact, satan has already taken his throne in the church, if your church doesn’t pray or preach holiness, I will advice you not to eat lords supper in the church,. Oh Lord comes quickly, your children are waiting, darkness has taken up their throne and we are just like a sheep scattered without a shepherd. —


Psalms 107
16 For he hath broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron in sunder.
17 Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.
18 Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death.
19 Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses.
20 He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

God will save us as long as we keep praying and asking HIM for MERCY.

NO Holiness NO Heaven