Ay Gbenga Elufidipe  wrote this…

…………..HAIR ATTACHMENT………………….
Isiah3: 24 ……instead of well set hair baldness; …… and burning instead of beauty.
Roman1:26…….. Their women did change the natural …… into that which is unnatural.

What is the meaning? What is natural and what is Unnatural? Are you trying to tell God he is imperfect for not making your hair longer than the way it was? Are you telling God he’s imperfect when the bible said all what he has made were perfectly made? Didn’t he warn you to be contended with that which you have? Why do you live to contradict Zeph1:8 by adorning yourself with strange apparel the customs of the heathen, because you are not satisfy with your natural


Do you know the kind of covenant attached to the so call attachment you are using? Didn’t the book of 1peter 3:3 warn you of it? Believe it or not, whatsoever you use on yourself and its unnatural has already qualified you a candidate of hell.

You kept on saying my pastor said it’s not a sin, there is nothing wrong with it, come who is your pastor? Has God shown you the register of those who are qualified for heaven and you saw your pastor name among ?

Many people do not know the covenant attached to the uses of attachment, the only creature who ever has hair that looks like attachment hair but natural, was a myth called Medusa, she was very beautiful with this kind of special hair, but after she lost her glory, she became horrible and her long beautiful thick hair that looks like attachment became snakes.

According to Encyclopedia Medusa tried to compete with Athena… taking too much pride in her hair.. and she was cursed and changed into a monster. You all do not know the secrete behind this attachments

This hair beauty attachment was adopted from Medusa (Versace) and tapped from her beautiful hair, do you want your hair to be as beautiful as medusa hair? Of course it will, she has given it to you willingly, but remember, after you die, you will looks horrible as medusa. You can enjoy it now on earth and become horrible as she became horrible after life.

God warned us to abstain from the things of this world, not to love or desire it, because he knows the evil attached to it. What do you know? What have you seen in life? Until you die before you can see how terrible this world is
Attachment was made out of ordinary rubber, but the covenant attached to anyone who use it stands because once you use it, you will have a worldly beauty from your head just as Medusa had a lovely beauty from her head, and after life you will become horrible as medusa, and all the attachment on your head will become snakes, one after the other. If you like call it lie, but when you die, you will regret it.

Jesus said, anyone who will not deny his /herself will never make it to the kingdom of God, what is it in this world? Among the early Christian, you need not to ask anyone if he/she is a Christian before you know is a Christian, but can you differentiate a prostitute from a lady evangelist this time? This world may be polluted but heaven will never be polluted. There must be different between Deborah and Delilah.

Also there are many believers who believe attachment is wrong for them to use in beautifying themselves, but they themselves fail to define what attachment is. When I’m saying believer, I am referring to some believers in churches like Deeper life, Mountain of Fire, Apostolic Faith, Watchman Charismatic, Lord Chosen and many others which I can’t mention. They believe the using of attachment in making up for ladies is satanist, but the rubber on your head, is it not an attachment? Who gave you the idea of rubber attachment at first? If the attachment you are running away from was made out of rubber, then what was the one you are using now made out of?

Whatsoever you add on your hair in name of fashion is an attachment, either high standard or low standard anything add to your hair is an attachment. And the same condemnations that await the A also await B. There is nothing like low quality or high quality attachment, anything you add to your hair is an attachment. Even ordinary rubber wool, is an attachment.

Example…….., a woman who put on weavon, anyone who sees her, will they see her hair or the weavon she put on? Of course her hair will not be discovered but the weaveon only, anyone who uses attachments of high class to plate her head, what will they see? Of course they will see the attachment, and not her hair again. Now anyone who uses rubber attachment in plaiting their head, what will they see? Their hair or the rubber? The same condemnation await you, many born-again are in hell today because of ordinary rubber attachment. Can’t you see how it looks after plaiting? Long like earth worms? That is exactly what it is in the spirit realm


Of recent, the Lord has being showing people the vision of heaven and hell, and there are many who has came back to say, men are more than women in heaven. Why is it so? Are all Christian women worldly? There are countless Deeper life, Mountain of Fire, Apostolic Faith, Watchman Charismatic, Lord Chosen, The Apostolic Church, CAC etc members who has died 60years to this time and whose life were holy before they died, where are they hiding? Do they have another special heaven for women?
Believe it or not, any property of satan will never be taken to heaven. There are many believers who has work zealously for the kingdom of God, who has even built a huge mansion in heaven but couldn’t make it because of ordinary rubber attachment.


NO Holiness NO Heaven