Ay Gbenga Elufidipe  wrote this…


…….Eye lash, Eye pencil, and Facial makeup…………..
Jer4:30-31 And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself fair ; thy lovers (demons) will despise thee(torment you), they will seek thy life. For I have heard a voice as of a woman in travail (Hell), and the anguish as of her that bringeth forth her first child,(unbearable torment in hell) the voice of the daughter of Zion (Christians), that bewaileth herself, that spreadeth her hands, saying,Woe is me now! for my soul is wearied (torment) because of murderers (demons tormenting)

Right from the book of genesis down to revelation, the only fellow that painted her eyes with these things was jezebel, many people doesn’t know Jezebel is not a human but a demon, the real Jezebel is called Venus / Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod, she was purposely born into the world to introduced immoralities doctrines among the people of Israel, that’s why she was programmed to get married to a king so that she can perform her action freely. No one painted herface but Jezebel, these things were only meant for seduction because these things were manufactured from the temple of the queen of the coast direct. These things are just artificial demons because that is exactly how demons look. Do you think zombie is just movies? Did you think Dracula is just any kind movies? I won’t say more than that….


………………FEMALE TROUSERS……………….
You can fool yourself but you can never fool God. there is nothing like female trousers and male trousers, neither is it the custom of the white. No British will say female was their custom, and also, some Niger Delta too will say, Man can. tie wrapper, becauseit’s their custom… wait a minuit, Who is the founder of your custom? God or Devil?? God will never bend his word for your custom, either you believe it or not, preach holiness from now till you die, if you put on any kind of trousers, you can get to heaven, I know what I’m saying.

. If you love God, you will do anything for him, many female Christians now put on trousers, saying it’s because of their weather, you who stays in London, saying you put on trousers because of your weather, Have you ever seeing queen Elizabeth putting on trouser before? Or is her own weather different from yours?

Are female trousers your custom from the source? Is it not a gown that looks like Cinderella dress women put on, and yet their own weather was even horrible than yours, do you think God will bend his judgments for your sake? Many Nigerian pastors of today now dress like harlot, imagine a man of God, including the Men, Imagine a man of God trimming his bears, barbing galaxy hair style, and punk, if a pastor can be barbing Galaxy, what will the members barbs? And if the head is not save, how will the body be safe? Pastors with Jerry coil, will the members see anything wrong with it? Let me tell you the fact, I am a man but I have used a lot of Relaxer on my head before I met Christ, so don’t think I’m ignorant of all these things, putting on cloths that will show people your shapes, putting on things that show case your chest, kneel etc,

Telling God he’s a liar and you are wiser than him, when he said in Mat5:36 that thou canst not make one hair white or black, but you are bold enough to prove him wrong by dyeing your hair, no problem, keep dyeing it, he too will wait for you on that day, when the demons of hell will be pouring raw and undiluted acids on your head, and you will regret every single time you ever apply these abomination on yourself, you want to prove him wrong when he said in Jer13: 23

That Can the Ethiopian change their skin, you are the one bold enough to answer his question by proving him wrong, that’s why you go into bleaching the color of your skin, no problem, he too will prove to you that he’s God and no man can change his hand work on day of judgment. Do you even know the kind of chemical used in manufacturing those creams?

I learnt that the chemical they used is called Collagen and it was made from aborted babies. So you are the one using the blood of the unborn baby to make fashion for yourself, in name of makeup, the blood of those babies will be required from you on the last day
When I was in the world, you can only see me in the church if I need to pick another new harlot, because every youth who dress to seduced men is a harlot, and Universities is their headquarters.

I’m Churches of these generation is not a place you go to seek the face of God, but a place to prostitute yourself with the queen of the coast, because there is no more churches but club houses where people advertises their body, and funny enough, the pastor wife and pastor Mrs. are the one showing them the best way to display it better.

Many who were willing to be saved could not save because when they enter the church, they become more worst than before, even the coward among the youth who find it difficult to approach a lady will run into a corner and start masturbating after seeing all kinds of pornography dressings and dancing in the church, he won’t be able to control himself again, the house of God has turned into a den of lion for the little one who would have being saved, The Lord will required the blood of those who end up in hell because of your dressing from you.





NO Holiness NO Heaven