Ay Gbenga Elufidipe  wrote this…

When Pastor Mrs. Sylvia Nkrumah of Holy living Christian chapel Kumasi Cityscape Ghana appears before the gate of heaven, she was afraid because, close to forty horrible monster with dreadful weapon standing afar watching her as she approach the gate of heaven, although she is very sure of her salvation and her call was truly genuine, she never find it too difficult in speaking or hearing the voice of God, and this has also given her much assurance of getting to heaven, half of her heart was rejoicing that he will made it to heaven, but half of her hearth was confused because of the horrible creature standing watching her as she steps forward.

She expect the angels to quickly open the gate of heaven so that she could quickly go inside and get away from those horrible creature watching her, because the looks so horrible and they are ready to crush anyone who falls into their hands. The huge axes and hammer in their hands can crush a mountain not to compare to a human, but the angels kept watching her as she approach, suddenly they asked her to stop.

She said, why have you refused to open the gate for me, I am washed by the blood of the lamb and I’ve utilized the talent my master has given to me for his glory, why are you delaying the opening of the gate, but the Angels told her, you should have enter
the kingdom of God easily but just one thing has hindered you.

haven’t you read in the book of Revelation21:27 that no unclean things will inherit the kingdom of God?
With all the abomination on your body, you can’t come in here.

No, that is not true, I must come in, because I have being with the Lord serving him for the past 20years, I have given my life to him and washed by his blood, I have no abomination on me, she replied.

Then the Angels answered her and said, woe unto they who changed the perfection of God to imperfection, was it not written in Roman1:26 for you have changed your natural image which the Lord has made to unnatural one, and Rom1:32 has condemned you, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, you not only do the same, but have pleasure in many of your members that do it and have led many astray, you are not worthy of coming in.

but first return your unnatural hair, unnatural nail, unnatural eyelids and the Beads on you back to the one who owns it, for the Lord has given it to them as a prey and they have defiled it as was written in Ezikiel7:22.

No you can say that, I must enter, The Lord promised to use me to take his message all over the world, and he even promise to use me mightily, he has used me to heal many from their sickness and set many free from their captives, I’ve shown many way of salvation exactly the Lord said I will, many time I have seen Jesus and he has never once told me my dressing is wrong. I am born again, but the Angel asked her one question, did the Lord ever promise you heaven? Then she kept quiet and started pleading for mercy, because after she look back, the horrible creatures has increased in numbers, ready to destroy her, because she has attacked them times without number with her prayer. She cried and pray for mercy but her prayer was too late (Let’s stop here)

Truly many have indeed served the Lord whole heartedly, but couldn’t make it to heaven despite all their zeal, they still wound up in hell, and the most painful part of it is that, they experience the most terrible torment in hell Luke12:27

Why is it that, in this world, women are more than men in church, but they are so few in heaven even more born-again churches ladies don’t make it to heaven for some reasons?

Brethren, never you think the Lord is going to tell you everything and don’t think your pastor too will tell either, neither will you hear any audible voice. But The same standard which the early apostle used to get to heaven, the same standard still apply to our own generation, and you have to work out your own salvation yourself no one will help you , because you now have access to Bible. Nothing like I didn’t know is a sin.

My pastor didn’t tell me is bad, because if the Lord will not have mercy on Sodom and Gomorrah who has never seen bible in their life, maybe they would have repented; don’t think he will give you a second chance.

Once you are gone, you are gone forever and you can never go with unnatural items.
This write-up is not meant for everybody, but just for few people who are heavenly minded, because only few are going to heaven. And most especially, minister of God who are working zealously for the expansion of the kingdom of God, but they themselves are on their way to hell.

satan is now standing at gate of heaven to demand for unnatural items used in makeup’s like relaxer, Beads, jewelries, attachment, some cloths and some styles etc, and he will tell you that you didn’t collect them from him at gate of heaven, that they were fabricated from hell, and if you will want to return them back, you have to bring it to hell where it was fabricated from. And you should also know that hell only have a way in, no way out.


It grieves my heart at times when I see the way some women minister dress at time, I used to ask myself a question like if the leader will dress these way, how will the member dress? at times when you see the way the women ministers dress, you will find it too difficult to distinguished them from Harlot.

You can’t get to heaven; I always think maybe they are reading the bible upside down, what grieves my heart most is, they will be quoting bible of my people perish because they lack wisdom to those who will not dress like them, who is perishing? Is it you or the one who deny themselves of worldliness? Who is blind among the two of you? Do you think heaven is just like the way you think in your own little head?

I don’t know the heaven you believe in that accept everything, but The heaven the Lord Jesus has gone to prepare for the saints, As long you are worldly you cannot get there, many women of God with painted eyes, lipsticks, eyelash, attachment, palming, and these are people who has work hard for God, but they are now in hell just because of dressing alone, you can dress good and fine, but you must not add worldliness, once you dress the way the world too will dress, then you have being qualified for hell, because you are praying and God is answering your prayers, doesn’t mean you will be qualified for heaven.

because Many of our Christians today don’t study their bible, they study the life of their pastors, and the more souls you send to hell because of your life style, the more account you will give at the gate of heaven.

even the Born again churches whom we knew as standard churches has also joined them, One day I went to Deeper life camp ground and what I saw among some of their youth, many of them were putting on terrible cloths, and their parent has refused to caution them. This is why many parents will not make it to heaven because of their children. I pitied many MFM ladies and RCCG. Have you ever seen your Mummy G.O applying worldliness in their dressing?

Didn’t they looknice

Some will say are you telling me Joyce Meyer is not holy or are you saying Bernice King is not a servant of God, do you want to tell me Victoria Osteen is not holy or Are you telling me Pastor Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya who die on a missionary work is not in heaven? Have you gotten to heaven and you saw Bimbo on Jesus lap? Believe it or not, even if you have good message with you, and your call is genuine, the more you are showing people a way of salvation, the more your dressing will be sending them back to hell. If your act is different from your call you can’t get to heaven

There is nothing like God only watches the heart or dressing doesn’t matter. If dressing doesn’t matter, God will not design the cloths of the priest and the Levites, if dressing doesn’t matters satan will not masquerade as an angels of Light, even the heart you are even claiming of, tell me If the heart pure? So the purity of your heart asked you to put on miniskirts, the purity of your heart ask you to putting on knickers to church like a footballer, pastor flying their polo, pastor sagging like criminals, pastor with pure heart drawing tattoos, a devil marks on their body, saying it’s only heart that matters
So it means if your hand cut off, God doesn’t care, if you lose your leg, he doesn’t care, he’s only concerns with heart. Listen o yea hypocrites, Salvation begin from within and reflect on your appearance. In 80’s you don’t tell people you are Christian before they know whom you are

I’ve even heard of a lady with a clean and pure heart during her wedding day, as her husband was trying to lift her up, her chest just fell out of the armless wedding gown she was putting on, because she has a pure heart
Let’s deal with some of these make ups one after the other



The issue of jewelries, I don’t know may be these so called pastor or minister of the world today studies their bible or teaching the theology lecture book, or maybe they go to internet to download messages, messages only God knows what they study,

Ok no problem, I will prove it. All what God has made were perfectly made, and in bible God called gold and silver his own Hagg2:8, but has God ever called it body adornment? They will want to justify themselves with Ezk16:11 that God deck Israel with Ornament, was he referring to human or just sort of Personification? They will say Abraham slave gave Rebecca a ring, is Abraham slave God? They want to justify themselves with Gen24:22. Did God instructed him to do so, or just Man made idea?

What happen in the future after Rebecca’s children went to seek the face of God in Bethel? Gen35:4 what did they do before going to Bethel, they have to remove all their jewelries because they called it strange gods and idol, and since they want to go to seek the face of God, they can’t go there with it because it’s an unclean thing. But God never hold it against them by then, because if he does, he won’t instruct them to collect the jewelries and the gold of the Egyptians before they left Egypt then.

God allow them to take and collect their wealth because he knew they love it, and since they love it, they can go ahead and take it from them, because God love what they love. But it became a problem for the Israelite after they turned it into an Idol in Exo32, and God asked them to remove it on their body never will he want to see it on their body again or else, he will destroy them.

In Exodus33:5 Ye area stiffnecked people: I will come up into the midst of thee in a moment, and consume thee: therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee, that I may know what to do unto thee.
This is God calling Israel stiffneck people (stubborn people) before you can call a child stiffneck, that means you have being warning him of a particular things and he fail to repent from it.

Ok let’s see Judges8:24 Gideon said unto them, I would desire a request of you, that ye would give me every man the earrings of his prey. (For they had golden earrings, because they were Ishmaelites.) ……..and it became a curse on him and his family

This was Gideon asking for jewelries after winning a battle, and the bible said, it was the custom of the Ishmaelite to put on Jewelries, not the custom of the Israelite, because God has forbid Israelite from putting on these things

And also in Ezikel7:19-22 God explain to Ezekiel why he has forbid Israelite from putting on Jewelries, and how he has made it unclean thing for them to put on. And Rev21:27 said every uncleanness will not inherit the kingdom of God, only Solomon uses the gold for the right things. God made it for building and not for body adoring, stop justifying yourself with Heaven is made up of gold or something, it is the gold of the earth God called unclean, and moreover it’s not for body adornment but for building.

If you are a man of God or woman of God, who put on these things, well I don’t know if there is another heaven, but the kingdom of God, no unclean will enter there. Not even your wedding ring, you get married with a wedding ring, remove it, it is by the word the Lord joined us, and not by a wedding ring, the issue of wedding ring is the idea of man that will lead to destruction

Don’t be deceived, anyone who applies lipsticks is a witch and if Jezebel is not in heaven, you can never go there, no matter how pure your message may be, you will still end up in hell.

Many of the things used in fabricating these Lipsticks were taking from human beings blood, and the Bible warned us not to eat a blood, not even an animal blood, not to talk of human blood.

A Ghanaian brother was taken to the bottom of the sea, where he saw how human beings were being squeezed and drained their blood, then they will applied some other ingredient to it and package it and send them into the world, this is what you called lipsticks painting on your lips. Are you not satisfied with the color of your lips? You are a prostitute and you will surely end up in hell, because you eat blood just like demon too feeds on blood.

Isiah3: 24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink…………….

This is another after life prophesies for everyone who is involved in using of perfumes. you do not know what you are doing, because the smell you perceived now is not it real smell. If God can open your eyes to see how many demons are walking after you, you will never allow your worst enemy to use perfume.

Have you ever come across a magicians or sorceress invoking down their evil spirit without the use of perfume? Have you ever come across some white garment calling invoking angels without using perfumes? Have you ever seen an India or Japanese invoking their gods without Perfumes and incense? Because they always stay anywhere perfumes or insence is applied, the real saint is horrible, not the one you are perceiving in your nose, until you uses a spiritual nose before you can perceive it real odor. Witches, magicians, Celestial White garments, Hindu’s of India, Yoga of Japans etc, will never pray to their idols without using incense and perfume and Isiah66:1-3 said, anyone who pray with incense is an Idol worshiper, because evil spirit lives in idol people worship.

The moment you apply the perfume, every evil spirit behind the perfume will come around, and the incantation they make after applying the perfume is just to make the invisible spirit to become visible.

Why will people destroy their own souls in name of fashion? Perfume, and you kept on complaining of having bad dreams, having intercourse in dream, were you not the one inviting them? Are you ashamed of your natural odor? Did God gave you a horrible smell? Don’t you know only demons stinks? Are you telling God he’s imperfect? Are you stinking? Are you dead? Why will you perish because you want to smell nice, believe it or not, the moment you perceive that odor with your spiritual nostril, only then you will know the smell is horrible



Married people who are putting on wedding ring should remove it if they still wish to go to heaven; this idea is a man idea, not God idea. Any kind of ring will lead you to hell
Abstain from any kind of tight trousers or knickers, any woman who is willing to go to heaven should never allow any part of her breast to be seen, and they must cover their body very well and the back of their body should not be seen outside. You must abstain from any kind of skin tight or short knickers not even under the skirt, your early parent never uses things like that, even as at early 90’s, but be contend with Pants and Underwear’s and Do not put on net clots that will show your inner wears.
As a woman who is willing to go to heaven, do not put on brassiere that will make your nipple of your breast be noticed, else you may seduced men with immoral thought and he might commit sin without you knowing, neither must you put on any clothes that will make line of your pants be noticed, because these are abomination in sight of God, No woman should plait her hair with any type of thread, and no woman who is willing to go to heaven should apply any type of attachment on her head, cheap or expensive, all these are man ideologies, Let your hair be natural the way it was created. Never dare you try to apply any dye or relaxer on your hair, if you die with things like that, it is hell and you won’t say I didn’t warn you. If you are a woman who has already permed your hair, then you must restitute by shaving your hair because its being defies. And after shaving it, you must never open it for fashion sake in name of African queen, but must cover it always and not allow it to be seen because it’s a shameful thing for women to scrape all her hair, you can shave your hair if you are willing to shave but you can be combing it. No Christian man should trim the edge of their hairs or bears, nether must they leave some part of their hair longer than the other in name of styles, no man of God should put on Jeans trousers or sagged his trousers,

if you have tatoos on your body before you met Christ, you must never put on a cloth that will expose that tatoo again, else you are toying with hell,, he that has ears, let him listen to what the spirit of the Lord is telling the church.. Please

NO Holiness NO Heaven