Revealing the secrets of the Underwater

Mermaids -Water creatures and Demons
The information here should not be branded as folklore or
urban legend or fairy take. They are real information which
came from the experiences of real victims who have been
serving Satan and have been in contact with the spirit world for
many years .

I also have a copy of a picture and testimony of a Mermaid
from Africa who got saved , became a Christian and lived to
give her testimony on the Sun Newspaper in Africa.
Over the centuries , there has been a great deal of sightings of
these creatures around the world, notably, the Eastern
countries and few places in the Caribbean.
Documents have been made that the creatures seen in the sea
and on the shore, resembles half fish and half of what looks
like the resemblance of a human. Sometimes , the creatures
would assume a full human resemblance .
These information also came from real men and women of
noble stature in society who lived to share their testimony.

The Marine kingdom (WHICH IS SPIRITUAL ) is established
beneath the Atlantic Ocean and the Headquarters of Marine
kingdom of Satan is said to be located beneath India ’ s Sea.
The “ Queen of India ’ s sea” is the head of Marine kingdom ,
while the “ Queen of the Coast” is next in command and resides
within the Atlantic Ocean. It is said that both are also among
the fallen angels and travel in the form of half humanoid and
half fish .

These Demonic spirits are called or
. These Demons are contacted through witchcraft as to
receive supernatural powers .

This Marine kingdom is a highly organized and strategized; a
place where extreme technology and sophisticated equipments
are used by high ranking Satanists to design things that are
seductively beautiful and irresistible .
They are occultist ; psychiatrists and scientists, technical
engineers who work tirelessly in Labs to design the latest
weapons , perfumes , and assorted types of cosmetics . Many
perfumes to lure men and women are designed there ; many
model of women’ s underwear and sexy clothing to seduce and
distract men are also made there . Also flashy cars and
different designs of electronics etc .

This is run by the Queen of the Coast herself .
One may wonder how could physical humans be in the spirit
world doing these things . Remember , the spirit realm is real
like the realm of the earth ; it is just in another dimension and
one need supernatural aid to enter there .

Many of the high technological researches and the invention of
many playstation and other games are designed under the
waters in order to take children away from the desire to
becomes Christian or dedicated Christians and to carry them
into a vagabond – like lifestyle. This is why most games are
demonic, having demonic characters . Demons are specifically
placed in the games to kill the children ’ s desire for school and
have it replaced with the desire to live in play station studios
all day .

The things that are designed in that spirit world are use on
earth to supply people who have signed a contract with the
Devil . There victims receive good sale and prosperity but in
return must sacrifice one to two souls to the Devil every year .
Failure to do the yearly sacrifice could result in serious
consequences, including bankruptcy and foreclosure of
business and home .

Some of these things are also given to a group called
“Recruiters ” , agents of the Occult for the sole purpose to
distract people from Jesus Christ.
This is a war against Jesus Christ and His Lordship and
Kingdom. Revelations 12 : 12 , “ Woe to the inhabitants of the
earth and in the sea ! For the Devil came down to you , having
great wrath, knowing that he has but a little time . ”                      

Water Demons are creatures that exist outside our dimension.
They are disembodied spirits of hybrid water creature .
These came about through an abominable union between the
Fallen Angels and fishes and also demons and fishes. These
half spirit and half fishes became water demons . These are all
descendants of the Falling Angels , therefore , because the
essence of Angels are immortal , their descendants are also
immortal . When they die , they live on , but not as a human
soul. These disembodied spirits make up the myriads of
wicked spirits in the kingdom of darkness . They are
abominations .

Many people who are in witchcraft worship these water spirits
for power. Fallen Angels and Demons also had sexual union
with other water creatures bringing forth hybrid creatures .
These Demons cannot be caught in nets , nor can humans see
them unless the demons allows someone to see them . People
who are haunted or possess certain gifts may see in the spirit
world and see these creatures . They cause drowning and bad
dreams and unclean sexual arousal in the night .
Mermaids who are humans are those engulfed by Demonic
powers through sorcery and are able to transform into these
water entities . These are mostly servants of the kingdom of
darkness who resides within or is in connection to the Marine
kingdom .

I have had an opportunity to spend time with a woman who is
an ex – Satanist , who held one of the highest position in the
kingdom of the Satanism . She was a High Priestess, a General
and the Regional bride of Satan in the Caribbean . She is one of
those who has escaped the powers of Satanism and lived to
tell the tale of these underwater creatures and hidden works of
the Devil , of which she is a witness .

Throughout the centuries , many Occult practitioners through
the working of witchcraft and Satanism have seen and been
with these creatures . The reason why science cannot prove
their existence it is because we cannot prove the spiritual with
the natural , unless the supernatural manifest in the physical to
leaves a physical imprint .

For thousands of years , we have been told tales of beautiful
and dangerous creatures which inhabit the waters of the world.
The question is , what do we really know about them ?
Mermaids are not what Walt Disney or Hollywood presents
them to be.

A great deal of information on water Demons or mermaids can
be found in Witch’s Guide To Faery Folk : Reclaiming Our
Working Relationship with Invisible Helpers ( Llewellyn’s New
Age Series ) .

Here is this fact to clear your mind . There have been stories on
the media where the carcasses of what is said to be a dead
mermaids were washed up on a beach at Chennai after a
tsunami , and also , the body of what looked like a mermaid
which was found on Florida’ s beach and few other places . ALL
of these physical findings are hoaxes .
The mermaids who are Demonic spirits are in a spirit form , half
humanoid and the lower part of fish . Demons are immortal
beings, yet can be killed . Nevertheless , if a demon dies ,
because it does not have a physical body it cannot be found in
the physical realm .

Also, the findings cannot be humans who have been
transformed into these creatures because a human can only
transform to a mermaid by Demons. If the person dies , the
Demon goes away and the person ’ s body will regain its normal
human shape and features .

The findings cannot be the creatures created through genetic
manipulation because these creatures are in a watery world
distant from human civilizations . Nevertheless , because they
are physical deformed creatures , there are possibilities that
they can be caught with physical instruments.
If a real sea mermaid is caught, humans would know it is a
real mermaid ; humans are too intelligent not to know the
difference .
Marine spirits are dangerous , though some may appear
harmless but a Demonic spirit will always be a demon , evil
and wicked .

Types of Water spirits
It is believed among the worshipers of these water spirits that
Saturday nights is the time when mermaids in rivers and seas
all over the world are most likely to be seen .

Not only these creatures were seen , but also it was said that
only few who encountered them escaped immediate death by
the powers of these creatures and live to tell the tale. They
would drown sailors, cause shipwreck and storms . These
paintings were made after the story of sailors who encountered
these spirit beings at sea .

Strong physical evidence have not been seen and therefore
scientists and philosophers have dismissed the stories and
theory as hoax , nevertheless the great account of encounters
from all over the world seems to be similar . All the water
spirits live in water, most have fish tale, vicious , caries a comb
and causes death. Why aren’ t people seeing the water spirits
as common today as it was years ago? They have been
exposed and therefore seek to remain to people as a myth.
Also, because of the prayer of the saints of God their
manifestations are not commonly seen , but is still present to
those of the Occult .

These spirits are call “Nymph ” or “Water Nymph” from which
we have a sect of spirits called “ Naiads ” (fresh water spirits)
and “Oceonide” ( sea water spirits ) .

Nymphs are “spirits ” who manifest in the form of human
females, and are typically associated with particular locations .
There are different types of Nymphs , but there is a set of spirits
that I want to discuss here and they are from a class called
“Naiads ” and “Oceonide”

Naiads are spirits and are called fresh water Nymphs ( spirits)
or Aquarius spirits and reside in bodies of fresh water like
rivers , streams , brooks , springs, fountains, lakes , ponds , wells ,
and marshes . These spirits are divided into various
subclasses : Crinaeae resides in fountains, Pegaeae resides in
springs, Eleionomae resides in marshes , Potameides resides in
rivers , and Limnades or Limnatides in lakes .

Oceanids are sea spirits , and are most common to human, for
they cause more disaster than the naiads who resides in fresh
water. The sea is bigger than fresh water bodies and is the
main passage for ships and other water vessels .

The waters over which Naiads presides are thought to be
endowed with inspirational, healing , and/or prophetic powers .
Thus the Naiads were called water gods and were frequently
worshipped by the ancient Greeks . The genealogy of the
Naiads was determined by the geographic region and literary
source . Naiads were either daughters of Zeus , daughters of
various river gods , or simply part of the vast family of the Titan
Oceanus or Poseidon (Neptune ) . Now, as I said before , these
Greek gods are not only Greek myths , but are real spirits or
Demon princes who take up residential areas to allocate
themselves. As much as it is a myth to the ignorant person
because of lack of substantial evident , these spirits really
exists and are valuable to Wiccan , [ nature spirit worshipers ]
and other pagans .

MAMI WATA ( Mermaid of Africa )
All mermaid spirit are called mother of the water or ocean .
According to the African culture of spiritism and witchcraft , the
Mermaid spirits who resides within the waters of Africa are
called “ Mami Wata , ” which is in the corrected English language
(Mommy Water or Water Mommy, which is just another way of
saying Mommy or Mother of the Water) .

Mami Wata is a pantheon of water spirits or deities , venerated
in West , Central , and Southern Africa , and in the African
diaspora , in the Caribbean and parts of North and South
America .

The most popular – and powerful – African water spirit or
mermaid is named “ Mamba Muntu ” which is her personal
African name .

Some devotees of the Igbo people of West Africa , and the many
who have encountered Mami Wata have reported to
anthropologists that she is a mermaid spirit with the upper
part of her body as human and her lower parts as a fish or
serpent. It is said that she possesses inhuman beauty ,
unnaturally long hair of three different textures which ranges
from straight , curly to kinky , and either black or blonde , and is
combed straight back , and a high complexion that’ s beyond
normal. She is described as having a large snake ( which is a
symbol of divination or divinity in many African cultures )
around her neck , which wraps itself around her , laying its head
between her nude breasts.

In one report it is said that Anthropologist , Mary Bastian
(1987 – 88 ) did a field research in Nigeria on the Onitsha Market
System . During this research, it was reported to her that Mami
Wata is female , and that she displays her unimaginable wealth
of jewellery such as combs, mirrors , and watches , wristwatch ,
which represent foreign wealth and would blind those who
view it .

Those who are seduced by her or the other spirits are killed
immediately under the water and some would come back as
her mediums with special powers and would be use for her
evil purpose . She also has other forms and can manifest as a
man , or fully human.
This report and description came from people who are
worshipers of demons .

African legend says that hundreds of years ago, numerous
water spirits were living in West Africa and their manifestation
to the public were eminent .
These African water spirits were most time encountered as
snakes or Crocodile, but were also encountered as half fish and
half- human like .

In different African religious systems , such as the Voodoo
which is highly practiced in the southern parts of Togo and
Benin , and Southern Ghana, there exists consecrated pagan
priests and priestesses of the water spirit . Today Mami Wata
worship is a wide spread tradition in West Africa , the
Caribbean and in America .
free encyclopaedia .

THE MERMAID LASIRÈN ( Mermaid of Haiti )
This mermaid Demoness is also said to be a powerful water
spirit popular in the Caribbean Island of Haiti .
She is called “ LaSiren” but in reality, LaSirèn came from the
English word Siren , which is a sect of spirits that is said to be
half bird and woman and manifest around water as mermaid
and sings very beautifully as to attract humans and destroy
sailors. These Sirens were said to be manifesting in many areas
around the world and was encountered by many . Nevertheless ,
the name LaSirèn was given specifically to the goddess water
spirit of Haiti who is said to be a Mermaid and Queen of the
sea .

It is said by the Haitians that LaSirene has the ability to
hypnotize people with her beauty . Many say that she is
elegant , a beautiful woman who is a temptress and deceiver .
She rules over dreams.

In Haiti , Voodoo is one of the most popular religions there .
Water spirits are said to be manifesting to the voodoo people
there as they seeks the help of these spirits from under the
water. Followers of LaSirèn say she takes them below the
water to her world for 3 days , 3 weeks , months or even years ,
and when they return to land , they would return with new
powers , yea , it is said that some women become Voodoo
priestesses this way .

The Little Mermaid is held as myth and a story , but it came
from a background of reality . It is no co – incidence why this
Olympian god Poseidon or Neptune (Roman ) [ a Demon Prince ]
who is said to be the “sea – god” is a Mermaid , (Merman ) . He
carries an enchanted trident . Therefore, Ariel the Little
Mermaid who is the daughter of the Sea god or Sea Demon
Neptune would then be a goddess or Demoness .

THE MERMAID YEMAYA ( Caribbean Mermaid )
Yemaya ‘s is also a Mermaid similar to the Mermaid in Haiti
called LaSirene . Yemaya is an orisha , (goddess ) in the Yoruba
religion . An Orisha is a spirit which reflects one of the
manifestations of Olodumare (God ) in the Yoruba spiritual or
religious system. The Yorùbá is a large ethnic group in Africa .
Yemaya is being worship in the Caribbean by afro- Caribbeans,
in Brazil by Afro- Brazilian and in Africa .

In Brazilian Candomblé , she is known as Yemanja or Imanje .
Her feast night is held on Saturday night .

Yemanja has been discovered in the Occultic world to be a
beautiful creature with the powers of a constant wave – like
movement and is surrounded by lesser mermaids , mermen , fish
and other marine life , and is pictured as a Mermaid Queen
holding a mirror while standing between the Sun and the Moon.
Whenever she dances , there would always be a snake wrapped
around her arm, her familiar.

This sea goddess (demon ) is having ceremonies made to her
throughout the year such as January 1 st, June 22 nd ,
September 7 th and 9th , October 26 th and December 31 st. In
the north – eastern Brazilian coastline , her greatest ceremony is
being held on February 2 nd where her so- called children or
cults call upon her in the greatest number . In Haitian Voodoo,
she is worshipped as a Moon- goddess , and is said to be
associated with the mermaid – spirits of La – Sirenn . This
Mermaid is popular throughout the areas of Brazil , Cuba,
Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico , Jamaica , Guyana, Trinidad
and Tobago , the United States , Mexico and Venezuela.

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