Wake up, just like the days of Noah

JESUS says it will be like the days of Noah , no one believed Noah,

wpid-images-3.jpegThey thought it too stupid for God to give only Noah the instructions for the Ark…

They never believed God will just save 8people, what about the rest….. Their iniquities were looking smaller in their own eyes… “after all I’m not homosexual, I just fornicate with the opposite sex”

“After alI  I  pay my tithes even though I have a shady business” …..” God has murderers and child molesters, why would He be looking for a simple lier like me”……. “I masturbate, I’m not hurting anyone”…….

Friends if you have a spot or wrinkle you are not going on that Boat…

Noah's ark

Noah’s ark

Ironically all they needed to do was plead for mercy, accept the criteria and step on the boat,

It looked too stupid to be true, God knows no one can make it, He will change the Standard soon….